Roon app only spins never runs on my Win 10 Install

I’ve tried repeatedly to install and yet all I get is a spinning Roon app.
Repeated attempts have included uninstall, install without the firewall engaged. Alas, no Roon.

If you could provide more information about your system, we might be able to give suggestions. Which version of Win 10? What are the specifications of the machine, cpu, gpu, screen resolution, memory. Which version of Roon are you trying to install? And what do you mean by “spinning Roon App”? Do you mean you get it installed and when you click on the icon nothing happens, or do you mean that installation never starts at all?


Thank you for attempting to help. I have the latest home version of win 10 with the latest updates installed. Dell: 8 gb of ram, Intel® Core™ i5-7200U.
The app never initializes. It"spins" rather than opens.

Thanks drew, Is that Win 10 Home or Pro.? And there are sometimes a confusing amount of different Roon software to download, which one did you download? For example, If it was RoonServer then that does not run a visible program it just installs a server which you will need to control by loading Roon (not Roon Server).

I would suggest re downloading Roon here:
Download Roon Windows 32 bit. At the end of the download you should have a file called RoonInstaller.exe. Double click that to start the Roon installation process.

If you did somthing different than the above or downloaded a different file, then let us know exactly what you did differently.

Hi Daniel,

I installed Roon Windows 64 Bit. I even tried installing the server and the non- server.

Oopsie… I have Windows 10 Home. I apologize that I missed that portion of your question.

Okay, well, I think it might be best if you remove everything you did previously otherwise pieces of previous installation attempts might be screwing things up.

Go to your control panel and under “uninstall or change a program” look to see if there are any Roon softwares installed and if so, uninstall them. Reboot your computer and then follow the suggestion above and download Roon Windows 32 bit as I outlined above. And yes I understand you have a 64 bit system and I"m that I’m suggesting you to use the 32 bit version anyway. In the future you can always re-install to 64 bit.

I’m good to go then. I’ve already removed, rebooted and also cleaned my registry with “CCLEANER”. I’ll download ROON 32 bit this evening and hopefully be up and running. I’m so excited about having this at my fingertips that this has been a big disapointment so far.
Any ideas why ROON 64 isn’t the appropriate download?

I think that, imho, the 32 bit version seems a bit more tolerant of different PC environments and stable. The difference between the versions is memory utilization and until you have a huge library it wont matter since you should be treating this install as a test to determine if you like Roon. If you do, you can always re-install to the 64 bit version and keep your previous database.

Hello Rugby,

Alas, the 32 bit installer didn’t break through and ROON never fully opens. I’m rather perplexed. Do you have any other suggestions?

Hello Rugby,

Problem solved. I installed the 32 bit server then used my android tablet to connect.
Thank you SO MUCH for your help.


Drew Braun


Glad it is all sorted. time to enjoy the music. :smiley: