Roon App opens then closes immediately

Roon Core Machine

Nucleus Plus, I do not know the details as the app will not stay on long enough to see.

Mac ID of Nucleus + is 94C691A2B977

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon App opens then closes immediately.

I have tested with hard wired on PC and wireless with iPhone.

I can delete the app, reload, and it immediately sees the Nucleus, will eventually connect, then within 2-3 seconds closes. But in that time frame I can see that it sees my players.

This happens with PC and iPhone.

I’ve removed power and rebooted Nucleus as well.

It looks very likely that your Nucleus is on an older Roon build compared to your Remotes, this has happened a few times now.
You can navigate to your Nucleus UI using a web browser and reinstall the OS from there. That should install the newest build version and then you should be good to go

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Thanks very much. I did a network scan, found the Nucleus +, typed in the IP address and found the page you referred to. Even though it said everything was OK and up to date, I reinstalled the OS which appears to have solved the problem on both the PC and iPhone app. I know what to do next time.


Good to hear but hopefully there will not be a next time as this really should not have happened and I think it will be taken care of on the back end by Roon.
Enjoy your music.

Always check what version your Roon core is on before updating your clients. Never update clients to a new version until you know your Roon core has been updated to that version. Turn off automatic updates.

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