Roon app quits from my iphone 6s after about 30s

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Roon app systematically quits from my iphone 6s after about 30 seconds of use. This doesn’t affect music playing that continues unhindered. I have tried reinstalling the app as well as restarting the phone, but no change.

Controlling Roon from my Macbook works flawlessly.

Ok, false alarm… issue is gone now. As a newbie (second day), I was probably doing something stupid… :sweat_smile:

Good. :smiley:

If it happens again, force-restarting your Phone may help:

Thank you for your excellent support and amazing product, I love it!

Ok, it just happened again after I added an album to my library. (on the iphone Roon app)
So it has something to do with Library management.

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