Roon App quits on Mac Mini M1 after displaying album page

Roon Core Machine

I run Roon on a Mac mini M1,500 GB, Big Sur 11.6, music library on the internal SSD.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UpTone EtherREGEN switch

Connected Audio Devices

NAD M10 via Ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

39,787 tracks

Description of Issue

After the latest Apple update (device support) and a restart the Roon App crashes as soon as it displays the last album played and asks for selecting an audio device. Therefore I cannot even restore from my backup.
What I tried: Reinstalled the app, disconnected all USB devices, started in Recovery Mode, deleted the Startup ojects - all resulted in no change!
I set up Roon on my iMac with the same system including the latest update, and it runs fine there. I had to disconnect the Roon core on the Mac mini. I tried to start the Roon App on the Mac mini after that, but without success - it crashes after notifying me that Roon already runs on another device.

Before I restore my Mac Mini to a Backup of a week ago I would be grateful for tips to get the app running again!

Thanks for any help.

Today I took the time to reinstall the System (Big Sur) - no change.
Then I restored the data from a week old backup: Voilá - I could start Roon again!
I had to then restore Roon from a 2 days old backup, and I am back and able to listen to everything again.

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