Roon app running on AndroidTV


Was just thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome to have the Roon Remote running on an AndroidTV?
I’m wondering how much effort it would be…

Roon team, would it be possible to at least make the apk AndroidTV compatible? I would love to test it out on my Sony with AndroidTV.


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Why can’t you load the app and use it as a Remote now ?

Because you can’t. The app is not compatible with AndroidTV. Sure, you can sideload the app, but I don’t want to go there.

Would be great if Roon enables support for AndroidTV with the next update.

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I’ve got it side-loaded on a Nexus Player. With a bluetooth keyboard it works fine but it doesn’t support remote commands. Not sure how much work it is to add that would it would certainly be something that would need to be done before making it compatible.

I have two of the new NVidia Shield TV devices and while I’ve successfully sideloaded things I can’t get past the initial launch (accept) screen. I was thinking it would be great to have a living room view/controller for the house today and would love to see support if possible.

By the looks of the date on this no one else has tried recently …