Roon app seems to crash quite often on iPad and iPhone

I use an Apple Airport wifi, an Apple MacBook Pro as core, Kef LSX speakers and an Apple TV.

Yesterday I updated my iPhone and iPad and for some reason the software seems to crash quite often on both.

It will run and connect to the core again after I closed the software and restarted it, this never happened before. Could you fix it, please. I love Roon as it used to be, fast.

Hi @Anthon_Hintzen,

Welcome to the forum. Does the same issue occur if you reboot the iPhone or iPad? Can you please let me know the exact local time + date you experience the next crash on your iPhone and iPad? I can enable diagnostics mode after getting this info to see if we can gather more clues that way.

I’m affraid it does, also, when I reinstall the software it will see the core again, but after a few hours it can’t see the core anymore, so I have to reinstall the software again

Hi @Anthon_Hintzen,

Can you try to clear your Image Cache under Roon Settings -> Setup and clear out your play queue? Does that help with this issue?

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