Roon App Stops Responding and needs to be Uninstalled and Reinstalled

Core Machine

SmallGreen Computer - SonicTransporter I5 No Drive
Roon 1.8 on Win 10

Network Details

Ethernet to all but Mojo (Wifi)

Audio Devices

Chord Mojo/Poly

Library Size

Description of Issue

When I click on the icon to show versions (104) while listening to American Woman on Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits album via Qobuz … Roon stops responding and I have to kill the process and delete and reinstall the app.

Hey @Dino_Magaletto,

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve ran into…

I was wondering, if you click on Versions on any other album, does Roon crash? If you stop playing the track and go to Versions on Lenny Kravitz - Greatest Hits, does Roon crash?

Hi Rebeka,

Roon locks up and has to be “killed” when I click on Versions on any song and any album.

One difference that I noticed is Build 806 will pull up the versions after I restart Roon, where before I would have to clear the app data for Roon to come back and function.