Roon app unable to show rooms on iPhone and iPad after returning home (ref#KV8GTD)

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Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

having been away for a period and used my iphone and ipad to listen to music via Roon app, they now wont show rooms even though I’m back on my home network.

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Roon Server Specifications

Windows 10, loads of Ram etc, has worked fine until return from trip

Connected Audio Devices

MSB streamer

Home Network Details

this PC has Roon and is hardwired as the host pc and has to be running Roon for the ipad etc to work

Hi @Martin_Evans,

Thanks for writing in, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues getting Roon synced across your devices!

First thing I’d check is your firewall settings on the Windows server. Here’s more info:

You can also temporarily disable your windows firewall to test this.

I would also pull up your web router settings to confirm all your devices are on the same subnet within your local network.

If none of the above help, we’ll need more info around your network and how things are connected. Do you have any additional network gear / switches in your network chain?