Roon App will not connect to Core

Core Machine

Thinkpad, Windows 10

Network Details

Arris Surfboard SB6183, Google Nest

Audio Devices

Library Size

My Roon App on my Iphone X will not connect to my Core

People will probably need a bit more to go on. I know I do.
Does roon work when run locally on the laptop?
Is the phone on the same network, no vpn, not using cellular?
Do you have a firewall in place?

Money on firewall alt bet on WiFi guest network

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Hi @Brent_Jones — Welcome to the Roon community! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble here, but I’m confident we can get you up and running.

Can you confirm the following?

  • If you disable the firewall on your Core machine are you able to connect?
  • Is the Core connected via WiFi or Ethernet? If Ethernet, what device is it connected to?
  • Do you have any other remote devices? Are they able to connect okay?