Roon app will not load on new iPhone 15Pro Max

Roon Core Machine

Mytek Empire

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Hardwired ethernet to switch and cable modem

Connected Audio Devices

too many to mention

Number of Tracks in Library

Lots and lots

Description of Issue

Hi @Robin_Wyatt1,

Thanks for writing in! I wanted to check in on your issue and see if you could provide more information about it. Does Roon not open? Are you able to open the remote app, but can’t connect to your core?

Does Arc work?

Can you please review your local network and confirm that all your devices are on the same local subnet?


The issue is multiple cores and despite the same network same roon core my iOS tags and Sonoma tags don’t show same. Ridiculous it doesn’t sync

Hi @Robin_Wyatt1,

You are correct in that any updates made to one core will likely not auto-transfer to another core. However, you could always make your updates, save a backup, and then load that backup to your other core device.

Out of curiosity, if all your devices are functioning under the same network, could you dedicate one device as your core/sever, and use the other devices as remotes? That way you wouldn’t need to worry about syncing databases.

Let me know if the above makes sense! Thanks :pray:

It does but it’s annoying. I have a Roon core in my home in PA a Roon core in my store, and a Roon core in my NJ home. It would be nice if I could sync the preferences, Tags etc. Just like iOS the option to sync would be best. It’s the same login and account I use.

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