Roon app wont run when the library is not available[TICKET IN]

Hi @support,

After the latest software update from October the Roon software doesn’t run anymore when the NAS connection is not available.

I always put my NAS in a sleeping mode during the night ( schedule), I have noticed that also the Internet radio stops when used with the Roon software. If the Nas is not online I cant run the Roon software using my tablet and select the radio station. I only can use Roon when I power up the NAS. Before the update I had no problems. Of course I can select the devices with their own software but I have found it very handy to organize everything with the Roon software.

Will you change this in the future or shall I use the devices with their own software?

Roon Optimized Core Kit ; NUC i3 (os: Version 1.0 (build 148) stable, server: Version 1.3 (build 269) stable)

Devices: Hifiberry - Volumio ( 2.295 )
Sothm sms200 ( Version Number : V0.4.0 )
Bluesound Node2 ( 2.12.9)

This behaviour certainly sounds illogical (except where the Roon Core resides on the sleeping device of course).

Hi, @RayvO, thanks for the report! I’ll move this one to the support category, if you don’t mind. Please corects me, if I am getting this right – you have ROCK on your NUC as the Core and NAS is your network share where your collection is stored? If so, we are aware of this one and our devs will try to fix it. Thanks for pointing this out.



Hi , Ivan , Sorry I forget to mention my NAS device it’s a Synology device ( DSM 5.2-5967 Update 4 )
So the files are stored on the NAS and I use the NUC computer as the Core. I always can access the Core ( 24/7).