Roon appends \ to album description when version tag contains []

Note \ in front of every [ in description printed atop album cover.


Folder names:
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Made Up Mind [HDTracks] [2488.2 kHz]
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Let Me Get By [Deluxe Edition] (CD - Fantasy #7238797)

File tags:

Following removal of the version tag (first album only):


Folder name:
Tedeschi Trucks Band - Made Up Mind [2488.2 kHz]

Thanks for the report, @evand. I’ll get this to the team for testing.

But I reported that months ago :confused:

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I know you did. Stubbornness made me report it again.

Just to add to Evan’s description as my use is different. I do not add the version information to the actual folder title in the file system. I add the version information directly to the album in Roon under Edit - Version. It occurs with any use of brackets in the version field. In the main album view it will add the leading \ to the version information. This started with 1.7.

For example, if you add [Bandcamp] to an album’s version information under Edit - Version. It will appear as \[Bandcamp] on the main album view. I use brackets to contain singular version information like Bandcamp or HDTracks to indicate source, nothing to do with with MULTIPLE version tags.

This bug has made my album screen pretty unreadable as I use Version to contain source information on every album I have.


I suspect the problem manifests whether version metadata is bracketed within Roon and /or within a file based version tag. It seems the folder name has no bearing on the appearance of the extraneous \

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Hi @evand and @Rugby — I just wanted to follow up and confirm that we do have a ticket in for this issue with our team. I can’t make any guarantees on timelines, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated when we have more information.

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