ROON Apple TV App - not working with 2 Profiles


I’ve just created a second profile on ROON, moved the playlists from my account to the new created profile. Worked without any issues.

Then I went to the TV, started AppleTV incl. ROON TV Remote App.
I’ve noticed that switching between Profiles, the App crashes.

For example:

My profile has no playlists. But if I try to get on the icon and then push enter, I’m back on the main screen of AppleTV…same with the new created Profil, which contains 3 Playlists…crashing.

this means that everytime we want to use the 3 Playlists, I need to enter the settings in ROON TV Remote App, choose the profile, then playlists and then I see the 3 playlists. I doesn’t work with the shortcut on the left hand side of the screen (search, playlists, albums, artists etc).

How can it work properly?

Many thanks