Roon appliance is using 600%+ of my CPU

I just installed Roon 1.8 on my LEAP 15.2 Linux server. It is using up over 600% CPU

19324 root 20 0 9424900 5.312g 307744 S 690.7 17.00 7927:18 RoonAppliance

Why? I do have 150,000 tracks, but they were scanned yesterday.

scanned maybe but they are probably still being analysed and will be for some time. You can see if the spinning icon in the top right of the Roon window is spinning away.

you can also throttle it down under the Settings | Library page.

Is there a Roon control window for Linux?

No there is not, but any PC/MAC/IOS or Android client should work (phones tend to have limited display options tho) so a tablet or PC/MAC with a screen is most likely your best bet

Indeed, it has analyzed just 105900 out of 148754 tracks. So it is OK if this is a one-time affair.
If I back it up, does thast just back up the metadata and not the aalbums (which I have backed up already)

Yes, it does an incremental backup of the database only – not the music files.

What CPU is that? I want to buy 10 or 20!!!


Well giving it 110% became old hat years ago, you’ve got to move with the times…


I have 8 threads chomping on it. Xenons

I had the same issue with my QNAP when I installed Roon. I uninstalled it. CPU went ballistic