Roon Application hangs and unable to to play music - Subscription cancelation

Hey Folks,

I’ve posted this on the support channel but without much luck…

In the last 6 weeks Roon has started to become non responsive and requires me to logout out / reboot and restart / log back in to clear it. While this is not a huge issue for a FoC software its not really acceptable for a premium product.
Has anyone else noticed this?

All my software is current and there’s been no change to my system. Roon will browse my NAS and allow me to browse Tidal too, it just won’t play.
This is happening once or twice a week…

I run roon on my 2021 MacBook Pro - M1 processor.
Network is wired. Streamer is Naim ND5XS2

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Have you tried a full clean install on your Mac. In some cases the switch to having server and remote gui separate hasn’t worked well. It might be wise to reinstall and see if it helps. Ensure you have a current back then remove the apps, and the files it saves in your user Library which contain your database. Reinstall and restore your backup.

Note that reinstalling the Roon app doesn’t necessarily reset your Roon database, which is where the problem may be hiding. To completely start over:

I did say to remove those as the live in the users Library folder.

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You did :blush:  

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Roon now completely unresponsive and won’t load… No tech support seems to have been provided… Am I posting this the wrong place?

Don’t worry… I’ve reinstalled and its working again…