Roon Application locking up on Samsung S6 tablet

So, last night I downloaded the roon app onto an HP all-in-one desktop that has an AMD 5 processor.
I am pretty thrilled with the Roon software but the app is locking up on my Samsung S6 tablet. I havent tried it on other devices yet.
Seems the application on the computer is running fine, near as I can tell.
I was thrilled to work through sharing all the ripped CDs from my Bluesound Vault 2i, It took a few minutes but I am seeing all the CD albums that I ripped. I also have a Bluesound Power node which is working well.
I have both the Tidal and the Bluesound apps on the tablet that is freezing up as well. The other apps and the tablet in general has no detected issues. I pretty much have to close the app on the tablet then re-open it to make it start working again. It seems like something happens when I am not touching it then I come back and it is frozen.
Any known issues here?

Try it on your phone and see if there is a difference.

Are you saying the Tidal and BluOS apps, independent of Roon, are freezing on the same tablet? If so, then it is something on the tablet.

Sometimes there are aggressive power management that puts apps to sleep and can cause issues. Try turning off all power management and see if that helps the situation.

thanks, I will turn up the CPU horsepower, confirming, are you talking about the PC?, try it on a phone and the other apps are OK with Tidal and Bluesound.

Nope, I was suggesting you check the app power management on the Tablet that was having issues. Sometimes the Android OS can be putting things to a deep sleep, i.e. you walked away and stopped using for awhile, and there is an issue with the app recovering, on the tablet.

I searched and searched, I did not find any power management settings that sounded applicable. I did reset the tablet (Universal computer solution), closed all other apps and shut off a background app that was identified as a high consumption app. So far no lockups, will keep posted

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I run roon without issue on my s6 so if you wanted to compare any specific settings let me know and I’ll tell you

It also locks up on another Samsung tablet and also on my phone so I turn to the PC for troubleshooting. There is a PC setting for performance that. Was set to 50%, I set it to100% and again it locked up on my phone. It is a little more troublesome than what I would want to put up with.

To check into the lockup issue, I went in to check PC settings, reinstall software if needed, check PC health and then I found a large amount of MS Windows updates wanted to be done. After that, so far no lock ups and I am seeing a lot less of the loading,loading speaker Icon. Will keep posted