Roon Application Stops Immediately After Starting

CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i9-9920X CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz
RAM: 64.0 GB (63.7 GB usable)
Windows 10 Pro
Version: 20H2

Synology DS1019 with two 4 TB drives paired in a RAID cluster. 2.5 TB available.

UniFi Cloud Key Plus
UniFi Security Gateway Pro
UniFi Switch Pro 24 PoE
UniFi HD Access Point

The core server and client (on the same machine) are connected via Ethernet.
The NAS is also connected via Ethernet.

The problem manifests itself on the single server/client above but I am including a few zones for context

Naim Uniti Atom - KEF LS 50 Meta
Two paired Sonos One speakers

I have a collection of MP3 files previously ripped to storage. I started moving the files into the Roon monitored storage location. I was also listening to music at the time. The application crashed. I restarted it several times. The app starts sits a moment, and then stops again.

I restarted the PC and then started the application. It did not crash - but then realized I needed to reconnect to the share where the monitored music directory is located. Once I connected the share, the application continues to crash.

I can connect and navigate separately to the share without issue. To my knowledge, it is not a connectivity issue.

There are approximately 29k tracks - most of which were added in the last two days.

I had the import using all of the system’s cores - so it was keeping up with the files as I copied them to the share. I’m wondering if the database is corrupt in some way.

Any thoughts?

It could be that one of the files you moved is probably corrupt and causing Roon to hang. Try moving all the just added music out, and then slowly add them back.

Support will be able to review your logs and see if that provides clues to the issue.

Excellent. Ok I’ll start moving the music files out.

With regard to log files, is there something I should be doing to get them the log files?

Their Queue is a bit backlogged lately, but, as soon as they engage, they will let you know what to do.

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As an update here, as @Rugby suggested, I investigated the files I had dropped into the watched folder. The log files pointed to a specific directory open when the application crashed - so I removed the directory (about a dozen music files). The application now starts - so happy days!

I have played the offending music files separately and they are fine - so I assume the internal database and the file system became disconnected/misaligned rather than the file itself causing the issue. I’ll validate later today by dropping the directory back into the watch folder and see how the application reacts.

I’m assuming there’s a best practice around mass imports of files and will go look for that so I avoid the issue in the future.


Hi they may play fine in another play, but could still be corrupt … I have had this with a few FLAC files.
What I did was use dBPowerAmp and trans-convert them from FLAC to FLAC, which seems to repair the file’s format. Once compete, the new files where then fine in Roon.

Why can’t Roon quarantine corrupted files?

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I don’t know, That would be a good Feature Request. I can move the post to that section.

Roon is very picky about files being format standard. Meaning, files with malformed headers that can play in other music players, will not in Roon. When I encounter such a file, I use dbPoweramp to a conversion to the same format in a new location, ie convert flac to flac, and that usually corrects the bad header info. In your case, mp3 to mp3.

Edit. Darn I should read the whole thread before replying. :D. What Carl said!

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Yea - I am surprised to hear that a corrupt music file produces an application crash. Better to write an error message to the log or some message to the user interface. If it is in fact that kind of issue, it feels like a good feature request (or bug fix).

I did go back in and selectively re-add a few of the offending music files. I can at this point consistently force the application to close with several of the files in this batch - so definitely an issue related to the specific files.

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