Roon application window not in focus after PC restart and Roon autostart


Recently after restarting my Roon PC, I have noticed that the Roon app window is not in focus. Windows 10 taskbar appears with the Roon icon flashing (in orange) and the Roon app window does not occupy the whole screen. A mouse click on the Roon app window is needed in order for the taskbar to disappear and the Roon app window to start occupying the whole screen. This was never happening before.

I am including the a screenshot.

It almost seems like Roon is trying to display a notification message but I do not see any.

My Roon app is set to auto start on computer restart.

Please advise on a fix.

Thank you.


Hi @Kris_Poznanski ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us.

Moving forward, can you please confirm what is observed when you “un-pin” the non-highlighted Roon icon from the task bar?


Hi Eric,

After un-pinning the non-highlighted Roon icon and restarting the computer, the effect is the same.


Hi @Kris_Poznanski ----- Thank you for the follow up and sharing your observations with me after the proposed test.

Have you tried making use of the the F11 key on your keyboard to return Roon to “full screen” mode?