Roon apps on iPad often lose connection

Innuos Zenith MK2

I use iPad Roon App. Roon core is in my Innuos Zenith mk2. When the iPad turns to sleep mode and when I wake it up, the Roon will sometimes lose connection. I use my Android phone Roon app to test the connection, and the connection is still there. I have to restart my iPad and run Roon app again and then it can connect successfully. Is there anything wrong with the Roon app for iOS?

Asus router


Auralic Aries & VEGA G2, wired, Audioquest Diamond HDMI as lightning link, PPA Switch


Description Of Issue


Hi @Chan_Eric,

Just to verify, rather than restarting the iPad, do things work if you force close the Roon app and re-open it?

No. It cannot connect.

Or I should say, it shows it cannot connect.

Hi @Chan_Eric,

Can you confirm that the “Enable Multicast Routing” setting is enabled on your router?

I enable it, but the problem still exists.

I have the same problem.

What vintage is your Ipad? I’m thinking mine may be getting a little long in the tooth.

The cheapest one, support wifi only.

Hi @Chan_Eric,

The next time a disconnect occurs can you make a note of the time this happens and respond here with that time? After that I’ll enable diagnostics on your account so we can take a closer look. Thanks!

It shows it is disconnected now. Now it is HKT 22:10.

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