Roon ARC: 4 Feature Requests

I’m a little late to the party with ARC initial impressions and feedback, but I’ve had time to use ARC a fair amount by now and have assembled my list of most impactful features i’d like to see added to ARC!

  • Focus: I love this feature on desktop and the local mobile app, I use it most of all to filter my Tidal library from local music and show/hide music from certain locations on my PC.

  • Shuffle tracks/albums in my library: One thing i love to do is shuffle the tracks that I’ve marked with a heart. This is easy on local Roon, just select the heart button as if to look at only favorite songs or albums then press shuffle. The shuffle button doesn’t exist on Roon ARC on the tracks or albums page though.

  • Chromecast Support: It seems like the only way to use Roon Arc is either through headphones wired to your mobile device or via bluetooth. If i am at a friends house, i would love to be able to cast to their Chromecast to DJ while connected to their wifi. I’m sure there are other Cast-able devices too, and its worth including them here too.

  • One app to rule them all: With the many differences between the pre-existing Roon mobile app and ARC, they are already very different animals and I am worried they may diverge further, leaving one behind. Why not combine them? Im sure this was probably considered In design discussions, and Roon ARC may be the way to get 90% of what we want when we want it, but I still think the ideal solution would be one app that works on and off your network and provides as close to the same experience as possible in either situation.

Yes to the audio output flexibility! Right now, I can hack it by going through the iOS Qobuz app, changing the output device there (e.g. airplay laptop), and Roon ARC will cast to that device instead. Strange, but it kinda works. Would be nice to be able to do it natively within the app.

Roon Core is on a MacBook at home.