Roon ARC activity is not showing up in Roon

Is it normal for Roon ARC activity/history not to show on Roon? My Roon only shows the last played/history from my activity on my home network, not when using ARC.

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No it’s not

If you have multiple profiles, are you looking at the same profile?

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Same profile. I do not have multiple profiles. I noticed Roon does show if I added a song or album through ARC, but not play history.

I just tested it specifically and it works for me. There is a slight difference between ARC playing on home wifi or cell network:

On the home wifi, the album appears in Roon > Home > Played a second after hitting Play in ARC. On the cell network, it appears after the first song is finished.

And in My Stuff > History, the played track seems to appear after the track is finished or stopped, and that’s the same on wifi and cell. (So there seems to be a slight difference between Home and History as well).

Server is ROCK, ARC phone is iOS.

I reinstalled Roon, and it now shows my ARC played history.

Mac Mini M1

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