Roon ARC Album browser - offer list & thumbnail options

I love Arc. Great job.

One thing though, would it be possible to have the choice between list and thumbnails while browsing albums ?

Thanks a lot


Hi Andre. Moved this to Feature Requests.

You may want to cast your own vote for that feature as well.

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I just removed one of my votes from something else to allow me to vote for this. I have noticed though that often people post duplicate feature requests because they don’t realise there is already a request for what they want and often the reason for that is because they did search but didn’t realise from the subject/title of a post that it was asking for what they want.

To avoid the possibility of people making the same mistake with your feature request I suggest you change the title/subject of your feature request from “Roon Arc Albums browsing” to something like “Roon ARC Album browser - offer list & thumbnail options”. I know you say that clearly in the body of your post but from what I’ve seen here sometimes people really do only seem to look at the post titles when doing a search.

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Thanks Julian. You are correct, it does make more sense. Thanks.

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