ROON ARC: All of sudden, "Something went wrong" and "Poor connection" and "Searching for Roon Core..." messages [Resolved]

I often find myself having to restart the app to get it to work after I haven’t used it for a while, even on days without outages…

thanks for update. I’m getting a small DAP (just in case)

Definitely ARC server. It was hilarious cause I was in the car yesterday and it wouldn’t work. At all. So I’m on my VPN and just open up the regular Roon app and it works fine. They need to get the reliability of ARC up fast. Plex was working fine too!

Here it‘s still not working. Do I have to do anything to get it fixed?

What information do I have to share that you can help?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe next time send everybody an email?(still nothing)
I hate to discover this at the end of my busy workday on a community forum.
Paying customers deserve to be updated on such events.

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Had the same issue and ended up resetting the Roon ARC. Trashed ~100GB of downloaded music. Wish I had checked the forum first. Or had some kind of an update instead of a just cryptic message.

Well, I guess baby issues for a new app and infrastructure? Hope some lessons learned and everything get even better soon :slight_smile:

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@connor @brian seems to be back up and running at my end in Australia. Thanks guys

Breaks in the middle of the track then silence for a minute or 2, then start playing next track.Is help on the way?

@connor , “for now” implies Roon isn’t 100% certain they have found the root cause?

If there’s any sign of the same error, I will report it here. Many thanks to Team Roon.


Hi @Neil_Small,

Root cause investigation and post-mortem are ongoing. After the steps we’ve taken so far, though, we don’t have any evidence of ongoing instability. There were a few lingering reports on the team that resolved after a few hours.

I’ll report back from engineering/development once they have an update to provide.


Whilst I’m sure we all appreciate Roons need to find out what happened, for us users it gave us the chance to test our backup plan.

Personally I caught up on some podcasts, did some actual work, listened to Roon via VPN (not all great due to poor signal but Arc, in the same location is great) and chatted about the weather.

I wonder if someone forgot to top up the Arc Reactor Servers electric meter on Friday. We aren’t blaming you @danny :rofl:

(I’m likely to get pulled for this😬, is a joke)

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Arc constantly crashes for me with most recent ios and before.
The only fix is to uninstall, reboot, reinstall… which works for a day or two at most.
Getting really sick of paying to wonder why I can’t hear MY music. :frowning:

Hi @Mark_Somers welcome to the Roon Community.

If you’d like to post a separate support thread using the below template it’d be helpful for all wanting to help you.

I did that a few days ago and my post was deleted. I have been a hopeful roon member for a year and a half now and quite frankly I am getting sick of the evasive “let’s see if we can make it better” responses vs making it better. It shouldn’t be this hard or expensive to listen to music. It’s not like Roon is the Artist we are trying to listen to.

It is problems like this that make me happy I’m still paying for Roon on an annual basis.

Stuff happens. And, on weekends, no less. All good now.

Actually that hits the off topic spot for myself :wink:.
It was a standing joke back in England that when anything packed in working it was “who forget to feed the meter!”


Last night, the Roon ARC client was able to work normally. It seems that the failure was officially repaired. Thank the official technicians of Roon. At the same time, I hope the official can provide a failure analysis report.

Why would they share that with customers? They just need to try and prevent it in the future.

It is fixed and working now. Thank you very much.