Roon Arc and Airplay or Linn

Are there any plans to be enable to select Airplay in Roon Arc or even a Linn Sneaky?

Airplay works with ARC. Use the iOS settings to set the output to an Airplay device and then hit “Play” in ARC and listen on your AirPlay device.

You can use AirPlay from ARC today by selecting the AirPlay output in the control center on your iPhone. We do plan to add an in-app output picker because a lot of people are familiar with it, but it’s just a convenience as the functionality is already there.

We are not planning UPnP or OpenHome support in ARC, as it is optimized for mobile/on-the-go use. We already have a home solution–Roon and Roon Remote.

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How about support for RAAT/Roon ready devices, like Chord Poly? A big use case for me would be to create a mobile hotspot, connect Mojo2/Poly to that, launch Roon ARC and play at any resolution over (presumably) RAAT from my iPhone to Poly (or other capable streamer/dac).