Roon ARC and Android

Will Roon 2.0 door High-Res ARC to Android devices such and Android DAP from iBasso?


At least not with my Hiby New R6.
I read this may be possible in the future though.

Roon ARC uses the standard Android Audio mixer and is limited to 24/48.

That counts as hi-res, right?

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That’s a great question. I read two different definitions of hi-res and it revolves around and/or.

Music with a sampling rate higher than 44.1KHz and a bit depth greater than 16bit.

Music with a sampling rate higher than 44.1KHz or a bit depth greater than 16bit .

I have an Android phone and the ARC music displays as high quality.

I assume you are asking whether Roon Arc will do bit-perfect playback on iBasso (or other) DAPs. The answer: although iBasso and some other DAPs have implemented a fix to the underlying architecture to avoid the automatic Android Audio resampling to 24/48, ARC appears to rely solely on that implementation and does not, therefore, take advantage of the DAP’s ability to play bit perfect audio streams. I hope that a future update will address this. It may be hard for ARC to implement its own bypass technique that will work for any Android device, but I hope they are able to at least allow devices which have solved the problem to pass the audio without altering it.

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