Roon ARC and Carplay - Problem displaying cover art


I am using Roon ARC regularly and mostly without problems.

In my car I use Roon ARC through Apple Carplay and I noticed that the album art is not always displayed on the car screen. For some tracks it works fine, the correct art is displayed but for some others it is either blank or displaying a previous cover…
It is always the same tracks that have the issue. It is just the art - the correct track name, artist appear and the sound is fine.

The correct art is showing on the phone screen in ARC. It is just on the car’s screen through carplay that it doesn’t work…
All tracks are flac files with embedded art. The issue is not related to resolution as there are similar size images in the “display correctly” and “do not show” groups…

I wonder what might be the cause of this?

iphone 13 pro max
iOS 16.1.2
Latest version of carplay and Roon ARC
2022 BMW i4

I’ve got exactly the same problems.

I got the same problem as well. ARC would display a cover art from a different album/artist that was not even on the playlist, totally random. Everything would go back to normal once I disconnected the phone from Apple Carplay

I’m having the same problem where no cover art is downloading? Any links to where this has been resolved? Appreciate the help.

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In my case I think the issue was due to my internet connection. In fact the upload speed was poor - which I never realized because I mostly download stuff and rarely upload anything…

But of course ARC needs to upload to the internet… When the upload speed improved the cover art issue disappeared.


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