Roon arc and lossy quality with Qobuz and tidal

So I am testing out the new arc app and have noticed that while playing music from tidal and Qobuz in the top right of the player it says lossy.

For example in tidal it says the source is lossy aac and in Qobuz it states source is mp3

What’s the story here. I am on 5g and my internet is awesome, about 600mbps and I have selected highest source in arc app.

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Click on the Home icon, then the Gear, and scroll to PLAYBACK. If you uncheck Automatically pick best quality, you can choose the format for Wi-Fi and cellular.

However, please note that if you use Android, Android Audio resamples, so ARC will perform sample rate conversion to 48 kHz regardless.


Will check and test. I’m using iPhone 14

In that case, there will be no resampling.

confirmed working.

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