Roon ARC and multiple networks, manual network selection wanted

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 22H2 Thinkpad P1 Gen 4, 32GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Various, Linksys and Asus

Connected Audio Devices


Number of Tracks in Library

Roon ARC only connects over the default network, which makes it difficult to manage when several networks connected.

For Linn Streaming you can select network segment depending on which network the streamer is attached.
In my case the roon core has a wired connection, plus a wireless hotspot to smart TV plus VPN.
ARC works fine as long as I don’t enable a VPN, but as soon as it enables, roon changes the hostname to the VPN ID for the ARC functionality.

I would like roon to be enhanced so that the network interface can be selected for ARC independently. Just like the Linn Streaming. Or a feature to manually override ARC IP/port.

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