Roon ARC Apple CarPlay Issue (ref#1FUJ73)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with Roon ARC

What best describes your issue with ARC

· CarPlay / Android Auto issue

Describe the issue

I have a Mercedes A Class (2017) and I use Roon Arc via Apple CarPlay. The Roon Arc app (via car play) is very buggy and unusable. I’ve waited over 6 months for a fix but the issue remains to this day. The mobile app is brilliant but when I use the app via apple car play it just doesn’t work! Basically when opening the app from fresh, it works great for 1 or 2 songs then after that, the buttons/menus bug out and I cannot click on anything. The only buttons/menus that seem to work is the main tabs at the very top (the ones that say… home, search, my albums, downloads) But when clicking these tabs, nothing else on that page works. I physically try to press the buttons or albums covers and nothing happens, just frozen. I have to close the app via my phone, then re open in CarPlay. This happens even when I have fantastic signal (full bars of 5G/4G) and this happens when using a wired connection or wireless connection to the car. Please help fix this issue.

Describe your network setup

UniFi Dream Router, BT Fiber, Roon Core run on the Synology DS1522+ and I also stream using Tidal

Hi @Giuseppe_C,

Thank you for the report and we’re sorry to hear your experience hasn’t yet come close to expectations.
Naturally, the team would like to investigate this report thoroughly to learn more about what’s failing. We can activate automatic diagnostics for your account, but it would expedite our efforts if (at your convenience) you could provide:

  1. an approximate timestamp of when ARC last failed with CarPlay
  2. the specific CarPlay head unit you’re using, if you have upgraded or installed the unit from the manufacturer’s original

Please let us know these details and we’ll follow up here. Thank you!

Hi Connor. Sure happy to provide timestamps once the automatic diagnostic has been activated.

I’m using the standard manufacturer head unit (from Mercedes)

Hi @connor do you know when this will be ready?

I don’t think you have to wait, just post the time stamps. When they look through the diagnostic logs, it should help them find the correlating events.

@Connor correct me if I’m wrong

@connor? Please confirm

@connor you there?

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