Roon Arc as a Sonos Music Service?

It would be great to have Roon Arc available as one of the music services on the Sonos App/Controller (hey, bandcamp does it!). Any chance of that?

Not even sure what that would mean…. I no longer use the Sonos app much if at all because Roon is how I control my Sonos zones. Can you describe the use case, and what it enables you to do?

I’m visiting someone else’s Sonos setup, and control it using their app on my phone.

ARC isn’t a 3rd party music service it’s a music playing app. You can just AirPlay it to the Sonos if you run it on an iPhone.

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ah, right. the sonos app is handling account credentials but not a custom url like arc would need. :slightly_frowning_face:

(android phone)