Roon ARC: "Ban" music from playing…

I was excited to see that ARC has a ban this artist/album/track feature but I can’t get it to work. Is this a placeholder for a future function? Also, it would be amazing if this feature were added to Roon (as many folks have requested).

Roon has had this feature since day 1. It should be working in ARC, just like it works in Roon.

Looks like this feature is not actually working in ARC. We’ll get this fixed for an upcoming release.


Actually another correction, the feature is working, but we aren’t properly showing the banned state.

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I’ve tried using the block artist function, but it has no impact on Roon Radio, which is where I (and apparently a lot of other people) would most like to see it. And the closest I’ve seen to banning or blocking tracks is the thumbs down option, which doesn’t work to prevent tracks from playing ever again.

It’s not working for me, unless I’m misunderstanding the functionality. I banned Gasoline by HAIM and Taylor Swift and I can still see it and play it.

Banning an artist doesn’t prevent you from manually navigating and playing an artist. It’s only meant to affect things like Roon Radio. The functionality of bans hasn’t changed at all for ARC.

But it doesn’t affect Roon Radio.

It does, but there is some grey area here due to the role of artist.

If you have an example, open up a support topic in the #support area. We’ll look into it.

Support request here