Roon Arc Carplay Bug with Kia standard-class Gen5W Navigation system (Kia Niro EV) [Ticket In]


I am using Roon Arc on this vehicle with this Kia infotainment system, using CarPlay. I have an iPhone 15. iOS updated. Kia infotainment system just updated to most current Oct 2023 version.

Roon Arc plays music fine through CarPlay. However, when I use the car “media” button to switch away from CarPlay to the radio, it won’t stay on the radio setting, it switches back to CarPlay with Roon Arc active.

I initially assumed that this was a bug in the Kia system, but this behaviour only occurs with Roon Arc. It does not occur with other music apps such as Apple Music, or Amazon Prime. With other apps, I can switch freely between CarPlay and the built in media/radio.

Its as if, somehow, Roon Arc doesn’t get the message to shut down when switching away from CarPlay, and then it forces a switch back to CarPlay.

I tried deleting and reinstalling Roon Arc, but the behaviour persists.

This bug makes Roon Arc unusable for me (a shame) because the only way to get back to listening to the radio is to physically disconnect my phone from the car (using wired CarPlay).


Hi Support. Will you be responding to this?

Hi there,

I’m Michael and I am the Product Manager for ARC. Wasn’t aware of this bug, but I’ll forward this to the team today. Things like this can be tricky to test because of the permutations of phones/cars, but I suspect what’s going on here is some issue with ARC’s response to interruptions. The radio wants to take control of the audio output, but ARC is grabbing control again.

Does ARC do this with other music apps on your phone? What about trying it with a radio app and seeing if the behavior is similar?


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Roon doesn’t interrupt other audio apps on the phone.

There can be a general issue with CarPlay taking over the head unit radio, but on my Kia, this is only a problem with the Roon app. I don’t understand why, if the app is paused, it is somehow sending a message through CarPlay to take over the car audio, repeatedly, until I disconnect and reconnect the phone.

I could use a radio app on my phone, but I’d prefer to use the built in radio that has HD radio with multiple local stations.

Roon shouldn’t prevent me from using the non-CarPlay infotainment system.


Thank you for the response, @Chickenlittle.

The technical support team will follow up from here as we track this particular issue and continue to work towards CarPlay improvements.

Hi @Chickenlittle,

Are you still experiencing this issue, or any ongoing problems with CarPlay on this same setup?