Roon Arc / CarPlay wrong album and artist order

Roon ARC 1.0.31 build 138
iPhone iOS 16.3

on the iPhone both Albums and Artists are correctly sorted.
Instead on CarPlay they are ordered only as MOST PLAYED whatever order i choose on the iPhone

This happened after the last ARC update; before on CarPlay everything was as perfectly ordered as on the iPhone

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The album ordering by date added is something I am used to (tidal CarPlay does it like that) and after the update I found that ordering changed to most played. Is there a way to change album ordering in arc CarPlay? Best regards

Unfortunately not; on iPhone it’s possible to change the order in various ways (alphabetical, most played, etc.) but on CarPlay there is no possibility. It should follow the one set on iPnone but for me after the last update it stays fixed on MOST PLAYED

I have the same issue - it’s very annoying. It seems to do the same thing for both artists and albums. Is this something which can be fixed or at least have a setting to decide whether you want the order to display as ‘most played’ or alphabetical?

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