Roon Arc - Caught in a loop when attempting to log in

Roon Core Machine

Hi Support. I’m using an Intel i5 NUC which works well.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Australian Broadband Internet WiFi. 50Mbps. VPN turned off.

Connected Audio Devices

Mainly NAD C368 Hybrid Amp with Ethernet connection. Which works well

Number of Tracks in Library

50,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon Core settings suggest Roon ARC can access my Roon Core. And my Samsung A7 Tablet can play anything and everything.
However my Samsung A33 phone gets caught in a loop when attempting to even log into Roon ARC.
It loops between a “Welcome Back!” screen that asks me to choose an account, so I see my email address there and arrive at the ARC account Log in. So I log in but a red banner reads “Something went wrong Please try again” and returns me to “Welcome Back!”
I then choose “Sign Out and use another account” enter my details afresh and get a “Welcome Back!” screen with “Make sure you downloaded this app from Roon”.
So I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled from both Play Store direct and via the download page at roon
No change to my inability to log in.
My attempted sign ins are reported by email as “New Sign In Attempted” with my location by Roon security. So my attempts are being received.
Please advise,

Hi @David_Crichton,
Thanks for your patience while we worked through the queue. Can you try downloading the ARC app from this link? Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

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Hi Daniel, same ourcome. Looping between ARC log in page & account page. With red flag requesting please try again.
Roon ARC has worked for me previously on Samsung A33 phone.

Hi @David_Crichton,
What is the default web browser for your phone? Caan you try using a different one to sign into ARC?

Hi Daniel, I switched from Chrome to Microsoft Edge? and got roon arc up and running immediately.
Thanks for the tip, it did the trick.
I may be in touch again re the intermittent access to my core. I’ll dig deep into this port business and see if I can get reliable access.
At present I have “Not Ready” and “Roon arc was unable to access your Roon Server” However, I can, yes can, play Arc on my Samsung A33 using either WiFi or Mobile data.

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