Roon ARC compatibility with hearing devices

Hi there,

I just started using ARC and it’s great. I started out using it on my iPad and it all worked first time.

However I ran into issues when I started using it on my iPhone 8 Ios 16. I was able to connect to roon core fine. I see my library perfectly. However when I go to play a track I get “Audio Device Error”. I have hearing aids connected to my phone via the accessibility section of settings. When I disabled my hearing aids it worked. Yet I can use my hearing aids via my phone when playing other streaming services.

Is this a know issue and is something you are working on ?


@Gerard_O_Hara1, I have moved your post to #support. It would be really helpful if you could provide details of the hearing aid, including how it is connected etc.

I understand that different hearing devices connect in different ways. However, my Phonak Audeo M90-312s, which connect via Bluetooth to my Android Pixel 6A, interact flawlessly with Arc. (Now if Arc would just support Genre and/or Focus things would really be spiffy.)

I have the same issue with Widex Beyond hearing aids. ARC works fine after I disable use of the hearing aids in the accessibility settings of my iPhone 11 Pro.

Thanks for the comments

Martin I’m using Oticon hearing aids. I’m not sure what exact model though. I connect my hearing aids to my phone via Settings/Hearing devices. My understanding is that Apple then use bluetooth to make the actual physical connection

Hopefully this helps ?

Hi @Gerard_O_Hara1,

Thank you for your post. We are aware of your situation where hearing aids that utilize iOS accessibility for connectivity rather than Bluetooth don’t work with ARC. I’m a hearing impaired individual with hearing aids myself. Mine are Phonek (aka Kirkland when bought from Costco) so I sympathize!

This is something we’ll be working on in future releases however, I have no timeframes to share.


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