Roon ARC Connection Issue on iPhone 12 iOS 16.6.1 (ref#XQ7IPQ)

Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Can’t connect outside the home

Description of Issue

My Roon arc don’t work in My device IPhone 12 iOS 16.6.1

Roon Core Platform


Roon Core Specifications

MacBook Pro 13 version macOS 13.5.1 1,7 Intel Core i7 quad core memory 8Gb

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone 12 Apple car

Home Network Details

Wi-Fi Sky


Have you set up port forwarding on the router?

Hi @0-coriandolo.luoghi,

Some time has passed without a response on this thread - we wanted to reach back out to see if you were able to resolve the issue or required additional support.

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