Roon Arc connection problem through BT Home Hub 5 router and Google Mesh wifi Hub to Roon Nucleus

I spoke too soon … not working now :frowning:
I don’t know whether the “its working” message was just an error from Roon or whether something has now changed on the network addresses or something :frowning:

Change Roon back to the other port, see if that works. And restart everything.

Ignore Roon ARC “test”.

Just test it with the client. Sometimes ARC works eventhough the testing fails. Make sure you’re on mobile, not wifi, when testing.

The ports needs to match from BT router, google, and Roon. Manually set a port on Roon Core so it won’t change. 55000 should be fine.

Okay :+1:
I restarted everything, updated the Roon Arc app, made sure the same port specified and tested it with a mobile not on our Wi-Fi
… and it’s working!

Hopefully things will settle down and be stable.
Thanks for your help, it’s a great move by Roon and I’m looking forward to being able to take my music library wherever I go :+1::clap:


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