Roon ARC Connection to BT Home Hub


I am trying to set up Roon Arc on a Nucleus Plus running Roon v2.0 (build 1202) but am unable to connect despite my router’s UPnP settings being enabled.

I temporarily opened the DMZ port on the BT Home Hub and placed the Nucleus Plus in to the DMZ to see if this worked and it did, but due to the warning about not opening DMZ, I immediately turned it back off and access has once more been denied.

Is someone able to help me to set this up securely please as I am unsure what to do! Many thanks.

Try searching the forum there are quite a few homehub threads. For example

Thank you so much for the advice! I have set up the connection manually following your guide and have just received confirmation that the Roon Core has been configured correctly so thank you!


Glad to hear, @Simon_Harmer, and welcome to Roon Community.

Now that we’ve marked a solution, this thread will autoclose in several days.

Please let us know if anything comes up in a new topic thread, and we’ll be here to assist.


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