Roon ARC connection to Core configured correctly, but iOS Roon ARC app can't connect to it

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK 2.0 (1128) running on Intel BXNUC10i7FNH1 with 32gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

CenturyLink C2100T modem => Google Nest Mesh (2020)
Roon ROCK connected directly to C2100T (test configuration) with port 55000 correctly forwarded.

Connected Audio Devices

Not applicable

Number of Tracks in Library

Not applicable

Description of Issue

After problems configuring Roon ARC functionality, I made the simplest configuration to prove that double NAT was the problem and get the Roon ROCK core exposed to the internet over port 55000.

Observed Behavior

Once the Roon ARC functionality reported being securely accessible in the Roon Remote OS X client, I tested whether the Roon ARC iOS app was able to connect to it. When on WiFi the app was able to access and play music as expected. Once WiFi was disabled on iOS and the device was using only cellular connectivity the Roon ARC iOS app wasn’t able to show or play any of the previously playable content.

I tried restarting the app and restarting the iPhone, but I could not get the ARC iOS client to connect to my reportedly correctly configured and accessible Roon ROCK core. Reenabling WiFi on the iOS device made the Roon ROCK core’s content available and playable again.

Expected Behavior

That self-reported correctly configured ARC functionality would enable all content to be accessible and playable outside the local WiFi network, for example over cellular connectivity.


I don’t know what point you’re trying to make. However, Roon ARC is an app designed for use on your phone to connect to your Roon core back home and stream your local files and/or stream from Tidal and Qobuz. To work away from home requires cellular data and port forwarding.

Roon at home has not changed. It’s still run on a Roon core device and accessed with a Roon control device which can be a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. The Roon Remote app is still what you use with phones and tablets.

If Roon ARC works with WIFI at home but doesn’t work with cellular data, then your port forwarding has not been set up properly or you have a network problem. Of course, you need to be in contact with a cell tower or perhaps satellite service.

I’m familiar with the different pieces of software and their functions. :slightly_smiling_face: My point is that Roon ARC is an overarching feature that is exposed in several places as Roon ARC as well as being the name of a client application. When I was searching for previous threads talking about problems from the client end, it was impossible to disambiguate them from the larger number of problem reports from the server end.

The Roon ARC tab under Settings in the Roon Remote app reported that it was correctly configured and a test using a check open port tool confirmed the port was open. If the Roon Remote client is erroneously reporting ARC as securely accessible that’s something worth knowing and lodging a bug report on. Assuming for the moment it’s not in error, I wanted to see if anyone else had a correctly ARC/remote-enabled server but still had problems accessing content remotely via the iOS ARC app.

On the tower connectivity question, I have two Plex servers that are accessible remotely as well. I tested both and was able to reach and play content from them, the nearest possible analogue to what I’m trying to do with Roon. That satisfied me that cellular connectivity to my home was not part of the problem.


Never mind. I think you’re saying Roon ARC is not working for you.

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I’m also confused, like @Jim_F

please confirm that this means your Roon → Settings → Roon ARC shows that things are “Ready”

I think this is true, but I’m not sure I understand if you are having connectivity issues or not on cellular data.

You’ve said many words, and you seem to be unhappy about some wording or something, but I really am confused as to what exact issues are at hand.

Please provide clarity on whether your ARC is functioning outside the home (not connected to your WiFi), and whether Roon → Settings → Roon ARC is showing “Ready” or an error

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On the technical question, you are correct. Roon → Settings → Roon ARC showed that things were “Ready”. Testing with an open port tool confirmed port 55000 was open. Testing with my Plex install from a cellular connected iPhone confirmed there was no connectivity problem to my home.

My question was whether anyone who had successfully got Roon ARC to report “ready” still had problems getting the iPhone Roon ARC app to connect remotely (non-WiFi).

Oh, and I’m not at all unhappy. I’m just trying to work the problem. Cheers!

i have the same problems.
My Roon ARC has reported “ready”, but the iPhone Roon ARC app unable connect to the roon core.

I installed the new CenturyLink C4000XG modem and migrated the Synology NAS storing the music and the Roon ROCK to be connected through the C4000XG directly. After forwarding port 55000 for the ROCK’s IP address it reported “Ready” on Roon → Settings → Roon ARC.

Tests with the Roon ARC iOS app playing over WiFi and over cellular were successful! I did not see the previous problem with the Roon ARC iOS app not able to access the music over a cellular connection. No repro.

A longer test driving around town doing errands today allowed me to play music from home fairly seamlessly. I’m looking forward to putting Roon ARC though its paces around town and comparing with Plexamp since they are both producing Opus streams from the same source files. Cheers!


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