Roon ARC connection


I can’t get connection from my iPhone or iPad via Roon ARC to my server (see screenshot attached) - works well through WLAN so that means Nucleus is running - but doesn’t work via Drei (have 4G) - can you help me.

@Harald_N, please complete the support template below, including make and model of your modem/ router, any additional network hardware you have, and who is your internet service provider.

Then go to Roon Settings > Roon ARC and share the message contained in the braces {}. Thanks.

Roon Core Machine

<!‐-Include your operating system and machine info (Model, CPU, RAM)-‐>
<!‐-Write below this line-‐>

Networking Gear & Setup Details

<!‐-Your network gear (model of routers/switches) and if on WiFi/Ethernet, are you using VP-‐>
<!‐-Write below this line-‐>

Connected Audio Devices

<!‐-Specify what devices you’re using and their connection types, like USB/HDMI/Chromecast, etc.)-‐>
<!‐-Write below this line-‐>

Number of Tracks in Library

<!‐-Tell us how large your music library is, eg. “30,000 tracks”-‐>
<!‐-Write below this line-‐>

Description of Issue

<!-‐Tell us about the problem you’re having in as much detail as possible. Screenshots are always appreciated!-‐>
<!‐-Write below this line-‐>

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