Roon Arc connectivity - spouse's iphone

Hi. After downloading the ARC app on my spouse’s phone i attempted to connect her app to my account. The app is not connecting to my core. I used my account name and password to no avail. How do i connect ARC to my wife’s iphone so we can listed via her phone when traveling. Thanks

Did you perform the initial setup of ARC while connected to the same network as your core via WiFi?

Yes. Nucleus is connected to wifi via Ethernet. My iPhone is updated w ARC running. I was able to download ARC on her phone but connecting ARC on her iPhone w my Roon account not working. Thx

Hi @Clyde_Willard,

I decided to look at some diagnostics and didn’t find anything amiss. Can you please confirm that you followed the port forwarding steps in our guide? Also, I decided to look at the prominent ISP’s in your area and it looks like Comcast/Xfinity is king.

Here’s our guide:

And here’s Comcast’s guide:

Please double-check your configuration. If you’re still having issues, please let me know!


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