Roon ARC crashes when pressing play on Graphene/Andriod [Solved: Enable 'Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode']

Roon Core Machine

Intel i5 8259U 2.3GHz
4tb SSD for music

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Synology Synology RT2600ac router and wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Google Pixel 7 Pro running GrapheneOS

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

When I hit ‘play’ after selecting a track in Roon ARC, the app crashes a second or so after. On looking at the settings via the main app, I get the message RoonARC can securely access my Roon Core. I have had Roon ARC working previously, so this is relatively new in nature.

Battery optimisation is off on the phone.The phone crashes on ARC if I stream via Qobuz or if I download the album to my phone. I have the same issue whether I am connected via mobile or wifi.

I can use the same to control Roon via the main Roon app.

I thought it might be related to blutooth, but app crashes when bluetooth off.

I am still having this issue, I managed to get this off the phone the other day in terms of a crash report Any thoughts @support?

type: crash
osVersion: google/cheetah/cheetah:13/TQ2A.230305.008.C1/2023032000:user/release-keys
package: com.roon.onthego:100150
process: com.roon.onthego
processUptime: 4528 + 344 ms

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for int com.roonlabs.playbackengine.PlaybackenginePlugin.destroyPlaybackEngine() (tried Java_com_roonlabs_playbackengine_PlaybackenginePlugin_destroyPlaybackEngine and Java_com_roonlabs_playbackengine_PlaybackenginePlugin_destroyPlaybackEngine__)
at com.roonlabs.playbackengine.PlaybackenginePlugin.destroyPlaybackEngine(Native Method)
at com.roonlabs.playbackengine.PlaybackenginePlugin.onDetachedFromEngine(
at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterEngineConnectionRegistry.remove(
at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterEngineConnectionRegistry.remove(
at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterEngineConnectionRegistry.removeAll(
at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterEngineConnectionRegistry.destroy(
at io.flutter.embedding.engine.FlutterEngine.destroy(
at com.roon.onthego.RoonCoreObjectDataService.a(
at com.roon.onthego.RoonCoreObjectDataService.onDestroy(
at$$Nest$mhandleStopService(Unknown Source:0)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loopOnce(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
at Method)

Hi @tahsu,

Thank you for sharing the above report. As a workaround, I recommend attempting to enable “Exploit Protection Compatibility Mode” on your Pixel phone. Other Graphene users have noted this is a successful workaround: Roon Arc app crashes on google pixel 6 with GrapheneOS [Roon Investigating] - #12 by connor

While compatibility with open-source or third-party Android operating systems like Graphene is not a supported feature with the current release of ARC, other users have found success using this aforementioned compatibility mode.

As an additional step if that doesn’t help, try installing ARC via the APK installer, rather than the Play Store: If the crash is related to the Play Store wrapper, then you may have success on the APK. However, you’ll then need to manually update ARC with each release, as automatic updates are tied to the Play Store.

Please let me know if the above is helpful. Thank you!

Thank you! I think this worked for me!

Great to hear, @tahsu! Please reach out if you encounter any difficulties again, as we want to stay ahead of any potential issues with our Graphene users now that we have a workaround in place.

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