Roon Arc does not detect the internal dac

Roon Arc does not detect the internal dac of my LG G6 … I can not listen “lossless” can it be solved?

What are you trying to do? Arc is for when you are outside of your house not when you are in it?

ARC in V1 at least uses the default ANDROID audio path and will not see the internal DAC.

It would be useful to fix as uapp developers did otherwise on Android it doesn’t make sense

This has been gone over and nauseam on the main client and ARC is the same.

This is different than bypassing the audio mixer in Android.

I highly doubt any software will work to use the “quad DAC” of LG phones now that LG has exited the phone market. Sad really.

There are some “hacks” to force the use of the quad DAC through the audio mixer though. That forces it to work for all software.

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What kind of hack? Viper?

Put this in Google:
force quad dac lg

Also, don’t confuse the “high gain” trigger and quad DAC enabled. They are two different things however, on some models, high gain would also enable the quad DAC.

Some people are simply after triggering high gain and that should trigger with the correct resistor. Even tricking the quad DAC to enabled, I believe you’re still using the Android mixer so resampling to 16/48. Kind of bummer… loved the whole quad DAC hardware but so limited in actual usefulness without local files… and I’ve moved away from local files.

Let’s not confuse trips with hacks … Cheating the gain is one thing, bypassing the Android system is another thing … If those of uapp can do it I don’t see why those of roon should fail … It is true that the lg by now they are out of date, but modern daps are all with android!