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Hi all,

I added Roon Arc some 40 days ago, it worked flawlesslyfrom the beginning. Now, after having some music added to Roon I doscovered that the new albums are not visible in the ARC, although they are in the library (seen from local PC and mobile phone).

I checked for ar e"refresh" option, but did not find anything alike. I deleted the connection between the arc client (Android on One Plus 9 Pro) and the arc server and re-established the link between them, new albums are there…

Is there something I have overseen? Or is it simply a bug?


Using ARC on my mobile phone I can “pull down” on the app to get it to reconnect to core and sync with latest changes. Maybe give that a go.

Thanks for the help, I tried that, did not work on my phone. I just saw that a update installed on my phone, and now it works.

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Hi @Jurgen_Pohler,

It seems this issue is resolved, but I wanted to confirm if you’ve encountered any problems with pull-to-refresh in the interim, just in case.

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