Roon Arc does not work

Hallo, ik kan Roon Arc nog steeds niet afspelen op mijn mobiele telefoon wanneer ik mijn pc heb afgesloten. Ik heb een kpn experia v10a router, maar weer niet welke instellingen ik moet veranderen. Wie kan mij helpen. groetjes, Henk.

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Hi, I still can’t play Roon Arc on my mobile phone when I shut down my PC. I have a kpn experia v10a router, but again I don’t know which settings I need to change. Who can help me. greetings, Hank.

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The computer you shutdown, is that your Roon Core? If so, your Roon Core has to be up and running to use Roon Arc.

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Hello, So when I go on vacation and I want to listen to music via Roon Arc on my mobile, I have to leave the PC on at home? Then no Roon Arc! greetings, Hank.

Hi @Henk_Driessen,

It’s true that Roon ARC requires your Core to be online, since your Core is functioning as the central server for any authentications and audio streams from your local library.

For users with all-in-one Cores on desktops or laptops, the requirement for an online Core can present a problem. One solution is to download local content to your phone in ARC for offline playback (in other words, when ARC can’t connect to your Core). This will allow you to access content from Roon on the go - albeit without access to streaming services - when your Core is offline. However, you’ll still need your Core to be online in order to log in to ARC and sync your library, so this solution will not work in all circumstances. Restarting your phone, for instance, would require your Core to be online to reauthenticate ARC for a new listening session.

If you’re curious about other use cases for ARC, a quick search through the #software section for all-in-one Core workarounds for ARC might prove fruitful. We’re happy to answer any questions in the meantime.

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