Roon ARC. Dowloaded and streaming songs randomly stop

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi mesh system. Xfinity modem. Fixed IP address.

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos, Mac, Vega 2.1, Roon ARC in car

Number of Tracks in Library

~15,000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have had no real issues installing and running Roon ARC and I was up and running very quickly. My issue is for both downloaded files and streaming some songs start playing and stop before the song has ended. This could be 20 seconds into the song, maybe a few seconds. Once it stops, the song will not play and all I can do is go to the next track. If I go back to a previous song and try and play again, it will stop at the exact same point in time. This same song plays fine at home using Room remote 2.0 and any of my in-home endpoints.


Helpful to say what device and OS version ARC is running on.

iPhone 12 running iOS 15.5.
128G memory, 96G available.

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For iPhone, downloads stop when the screen gets locked. So you have to set the screen blocking to “never” while downloading. This might be similar in Android (?). Anyways, downloads are quite slow if compared to Apple Music synch.

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