Roon ARC download for an artist

I have just started to use Roon ARC on my iPhone 8+.
I like it very much but there is one feature missing (so far).

That is to be a possibility to download all albums for an artist. Now you can do it only for a single album, which is quite work intensive if you want to do many albums.

Usually I want all the albums of my favourite artist downloaded on my phone. This effort is practical to do on the artist level, but to do this on the album level is lot of work.



One quick way is to create a playlist for the artist. You can then download a playlist in ARC.

Yes I understand that. There will be then a very large amount of playlists to create, or one very large. These lists needs to be maintained.

I will experiment with that.

However, I think the best and most flexible solution is to have a download symbol at the artist just as is done for albums.

The app PRISM which I have used so far for my mobile solution has that feature.



I think that might be a great suggestion. You might post such in the Feature Request section!


I have experimented with playlist. I created one with a few artist, total 422 tracks. Then downloaded. It took 30 minutes on my fast wifi.

There are a few issues with this method.

(1) When browsing artist or albums there are no indication of they have been downloaded. This is a must. When you are short of bandwidth you want only play downloaded music, so this must be easily seen when browsing.

(2) I added then an album to the playlist and wanted to update the download. It was not possible. I guess you have delete the complete download first and then do it again. This is not feasible.

(3) I believe that there are no checks for duplicate download of same track.