Roon ARC downloaded files volume leveling [Ticket In]

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I have been playing with Roon ARC a bit. Downloaded a few files from my library to my phone through the Roon ARC app. Playback of these downloaded files isn’t detecting the volume leveling information/tags that are in the original file, it’s defaulting to the “Volume adjustment when loudness is unknown” value.

When I remove the downloaded files and “stream” them from the source, the volume leveling is correctly following the RU128 tag information in the file.

It appears as though the Volume Leveling (RU128) tags aren’t being downloaded along with the files OR the values are being ignored when playing the downloaded files.

Confirmed the issue still persists in the latest 1.0.23 release of the Roon ARC app.
Roon ARC is running on Pixel 4a / Android 13


Hey @Greg_Harrison,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

I wanted to follow up on this thread to make sure it didn’t slip through the cracks. We’re currently investigating this a bit deeper and will follow up with more information as soon as possible.

Thank you immensely for your patience in the meantime :pray:

I have noticed the exact same behavior on my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I have a couple of albums and two large playlists downloaded on my device and it seems, that volume leveling is not working with offline files. I have the volume leveling set to “auto”. It would be great if this could be fixed with on of the next releases. Otherwise I still love ARC and use it on a daily basis.