Roon ARC Downloading

Hi, I’m having a problem downloading my music to my Samsung 22 Ultra 256GB storage, I’m hitting the download arrow at the top but it’s not showing the download circle but a broken arrow pointing into the box & at the moment it’s showing no tracks downloaded, I’ve tried it on my android tablet & it worked fine as shown on Roon ARC Webinar part 1, obviously I’m doing something wrong but I can not see what its as though my downloads are in a queue waiting to download but nothing happening.


Hi, me again I think I’ve cured it myself I just restarted my phone & now it’s working as it says on the box.

Many thanks

Welcome to the Roon community, @Adrian_Filsell. Good to here you resolved the problem.

Next time you need assistance, please select the #support category. This is explained in the following guide. Thanks.

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