Roon ARC Downloads UI

Excited about Roon ARC!

I realize this is the first release, but the Downloads section seems to be lacking. The the downloads are simply listed in revere chronological order of downloading. No sorting or searching.

Hi Hacker,

You make a suggestion in the Feature Requests, or have me move this thread, if you wanted.

Totally agree. I think the download section should work the same as the main library showing the downloads by artist then albums. Or might be more effective to have a filter in the main library where you just filter by downloaded. So the library works the same, just only showing anything locally downloaded.

If Roon can update these 3 features, Id be able to cancel all other services and live off of just Roon/Tidal…

  1. Download library to function as a normal library
  2. Be able to download playlists.
  3. EQ and DSP settings.